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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Irish Stop Denard Robinson

Sounds like a great headline to see on the front page of the sports section come Sunday morning.

Well how do you stop/slow down or contain Denard Robinson?  This will be the Irish and Brian Kelly’s third time; will it be “a charm”?

Close like last year (2011) only counts in darts, horse shoes and hand grenades.  Robinson was not throwing darts but wounded ducks and Hail Mary’s that the secondary and Gary Gray could not stop in the fourth quarter.  He doesn’t lace up his shoes so horse shoes are out.  Hand grenades in college football are illegal.

We watched from the stands the trashing of the Irish defense in 2010 for 502 yards.  Robinson’s 87 yard run from scrimmage is longest in stadium history.  We screamed, we cried, we shook our fists and vowed revenge.  2012 is it.

What will Robinson and the Skunk Bears try? 

Test the defensive line with run plays from the RB.  Robinson is 40/373/4 and Toussaint 23/96/1.

Quarterback draw.

Ding and dunk passing to the flats, sidelines and occasionally over the middle.

Go happy feet on the Irish.
This is "Happy Feet" and Bad Ju-Ju for the IRISH

So what will Bob Diaco come up with? 

Reapply the 2011 defensive plan with the hope a young secondary can hold its’ own.

A 3-4 defense to flood the secondary with defenders and allowing no one behind them.

Go with a nickel package.

A 4-3 defense to pressure Robinson.

Mixing everything up with constant blitzing from a linebacker or safety.

Using the Alabama game play.

Use a spy to help contain Robinson.

Keep Robinson in the pocket and do not let him get outside the hash marks.

Rough Robinson up, his back up Bellomy is 0/2/1.

We suspect it will be a combination of all of the above.  But what do we know; we’re the ones sitting with a computer on our laps.
Except For the Goofy Unifroms - This is What We Want to See
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