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Friday, September 21, 2012

John L. Smith’s Cry for Help

Arkansas Head Coach John. L. Smith

We tend not to discriminate here at Subway Alumni Station.  We are an equal opportunity basher.  The staff will beat up Brian Kelly as needed and as seen fit.  I have called out Les Miles for his snide remarks concerning Gunner Kiel flipping to the Irish.  Jim Harbaugh for just being a plain jerk.   Even got after the venerated idol of many, Lou Holtz for his sorry, degrading Mutt and Jeff routines with Mark Mays on ESPN.  

When the Jim Tressel and Tattoo U story broke we had fun with it.  Here’s one.

The shame of PSU and the cover up was sickening and it appears those chickens have not all come home to roost.  We sadly wrote about JoePa and his arrogance.

We felt sorry for former Michigan star and Notre Dame coach Corwin Brown and wrote about it Here.

Now John L. Smith.  He is the butt of jokes and even a number of startup campaigns to fire him.  He needs help and we hope he gets it.  Hey he was 2-2 aginst the Irish.

Of course who can forget what John L. probably considers his signature career victory?  The 2005, 44-41 OT victory over the Irish and the infamous flag planting in Notre Dame Stadium by a group of Sparty street thugs?  It has taken Mark Dantonio nearly four years to clean house of those morons.

 Reference to the beating Alabama gave the Hogs

The sad story in a nut shell.  Smith is bankrupt after $25,000,000 in bad decisions/investments.  Sports Illustrated story.  Guess the word investments should be changed to greedy gambling.

Let's go to the video history.

The Slap  This came about from a false allegation by Charlie Weis who claimed he had been slapped by a Spartan player who got up after being knocked into Irish sidelines.
The Melt down  Notice how John L. almost threw his headset on the ground but thought better of it.  So he's not THAT crazy.

John L. fell into the Arkansas job after Bobby Petrino rode into the sunset and a ditch with his mistress hanging on for dear life riding on the back of his motorcycle.  He had been Bobby's Special Teams coach but departed for Weber State to take on the coaching duties there.  John L. got the 11th hour call and thumbed Weber taking the job for the Hogs.  Yes they were desperate who wouldn't be in April?

Seriously his family and benefactors need to get him out of football and straightened out before he REALLY does something stupid.

The final nail in his coffin could be as early as this Saturday when the Hogs visit 3-0 Rutgers.

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