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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Irish and Da U

When the Irish and the Hurricanes get together fashion goes out the window.  On October 5, 2012 in Chicago, Notre Dame will do it's part by wearing the 2012 version of the Shamrock Series uniform.

Team Captains Manti Te'o and Tyler Eifert show them off for Coach Brian Kelly

Nike put together this great looking orange bomb and puke green helmet for Miami.  Since this is a off-site home game for the Irish it is unknown if the Hurricanes will be able to don these beauties and instead be forced to where a typical white away uniform.  We surely hope not.

December 31, 2010 it got a little nippy down El Paso way for the Sun Bowl.  While a number of Notre Dame players came out for kicking practice and warm ups in T-shirts and shorts, boys from Da U, were spotted looking like aliens from Florida.  We knew right then they didn't have chance.  Some enterprising person even came up with a T-shirt after the game.
Students today were not even the twinkle is someone's eye when one of the most famous fashion statements came out for the 1988 game.  The unfinished business had to do with good ole Jimmy Johnson in 1985 (last time prior the two teams had met) ramming it down our throats 58-7 and scoring unmerifully late into the 4th quarter against a luckless and lame duck coach Gerry FaustLou Holtz and team beat then #1 Miami 31-30 in 1988 on their way to our last National Championship.

The shirt also had two other versions with a II and III printed on them replacing the ND which had gotten the original designers and sellers in deep hot water over the little issues of selling on campus without a licence and illegal use of the trade mark ND logo.

We expect to see some to these worn in Chicago was well.
Little too bland?  Well step right up.  Adidas has everything you could possibly need or want.  All kinds of shirts, pants, hats, helmets (yes those pictured on top), etc.  Here are couple of the nicer T-shirts.

Notre Dame thoughtfully will drive over a concession stand/truck loaded with swag to Chicago to ensure you look your best when we once again pound Miami into the lush green natural grass of Soldiers Field.  This ones for you Gerry.

Hey come on.  We put a lot of time into this post. 
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