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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Notre Dame vs. MSU This and That

If you are not gulping the kool-aid yet, get with the program!

Ever wonder what becomes of the tape from the sideline cameras on the field?  Got about 7 minutes?  Check it out Here.  Great locker room pep talks.  I want to rush out and head butt my dog, except I don't even have a dog.
Could this be an era like Ara's era?

You can read just about anything you need to know about the whipping the Irish put on Sparty right off the NDNation website football read list Here.  Mike Coffey must be burning his eyeballs out reading and posting it all.

I have never understood the old football cliché “you establish the run to open up the passing game.”  OK, maybe I’ll buy that if you’re buy into, “pass the ball and spread the defense to open up running lanes and prevent stacking the box.”  It seems just enough of both worked Saturday night for the Irish to make it look easy against an overrated MSU team.  I am also convinced Purdue was/is underrated.

In the first quarter, 55 out of the 73 Notre Dame players that got on the bus for East Lansing had been on the field.  Man that’s great for recruiting, morale, and says a lot about team depth and as well as gaining experience.

Safety Jamoris Slaughter had a walking boot on at the end of the game with an unknown ankle injury.  The reporters were too caught up in asking obvious questions to talk injuries.  Maybe tonight at the phone-in news conference, some beat reporter will dummy up.  We can’t afford to lose Slaughter from a position we are kind of thin at to begin with.

Hmmm.  After 29 games, Brian Kelly is 19-10, so was Lou Holtz and Charlie Weis; both those guys then took different paths through the woods.

The two Irish TD’s against MSU could not have been executed by Tommy Rees.  Everett Golson running right and throwing left to John Goodman.  Everett Golson scrambling for the end zone pylon.

Suspect Skunkbear coach Brian Hoke has kissed his family goodbye for the week and brought a bedroll into the office.  While the Irish surely are not Alabama, neither are they Air Force or UMASS.

Man is it going to be electric on campus this week.  Add a Saturday of tailgating and a night game, throw in crappy stadium piped in music, the Michigan band, national TV audience, and revenge over two losses that should never have happened and you got college football at its finest.

It you would have told me four years ago that Stanford would beat U$C four years in a row, I’d of had you hauled off to the Funny Farm.  Gee we got tickets to the Stanford game this year!

GO IRISH Beat the Skunkbears!

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