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Monday, September 3, 2012

Notre Dame Game Day Experiences

Kreyfish had asked me for some suggestions on his upcoming trip to campus and watch Notre Dame beat up somebody.  So I decided to make a post out of the info via Dublin.

Obviously I am not a “Domer” and a whole bunch of folks probably can add or subtract to what I have to say in much greater detail and importance.  Go for it.

I am posting this so maybe some Domers and others can chime in.   It may also help someone else’s experience.  Comment section below please.

My first game was ND vs. AFA, Lou’s first year as coach.  ND had not beaten AFA in five years thanks to Gerry Faust.  We had the time and the opportunity to attend the pep rally in the Stepan Center.  I guess I have now seen 12-15 games, 2 bowls and 4-5 Blue-Gold games.  Win, lose, or draw, they have all been just super.

Here are some random thoughts and suggestions in no particular order to help with your ND game day experience.  Yes, it’s more than just a game.  Some are quite obvious and I don’t mean to insult you or any one’s intelligence.

1.  Bring a camera unless your cell phone has a real good one.

2.  Get there as early as you can.  Obviously if it is on a Friday, then you can attend the pep rally Friday night (6:00 pm).

3.  Lots of walking, wear comfortable shoes.

4.  Nice map of campus on the UND website.

5.  My preference after the player walk is to enter the stadium, hit the restroom, hit the concession stands and watch the teams warm up.  I bring a seat cushion as the bleachers are very hard.

6.  The ushers are usually very friendly and talkative and I always engage them.  They have been known to enforce the standing rule and excessive yelling rule; however I think that is all BS.

7.  The ND athletic site will have some game day information and scheduling.  Also a stadium map for seating.  Bet you are in the nose bleed section of an end zone.

8.  Check out the weather ahead of time.  Sunglasses, ball cap, wet weather gear may be required.   Umbrellas are not allowed.  I think on the back of the ticket their maybe a list of other no-nos.

9.  On campus if you have someone who cannot walk or keep up, flag down a golf cart.  That’s what they are for.

10.  The volunteer information hosts/greeters in green blazers can give you directions as well as help with when events are going to happen and where.  This is a relatively new concept to make the ND experience more enjoyable.

11.  Restrooms in the library and alumni building are good.  The bookstore and student center are small and crowded.

12.  A long time ago you could walk into the dorms and classrooms, those days are gone unless you know someone or are a Domer.  Too bad, you would not belief how primitive the men’s dorms are and how small the rooms.

Parking.  I like parking in the North White Parking lot because it is easy to get into and out.  A shuttle bus will get you to campus and drop you off and pick you up at the Library.  I think parking is $25.  A lot of $$$ to park on the grass.  Plenty of room to tailgate throw the obligatory football around and meet people as well as the enemy.  If that is not your thing and if it has not rained or no rain in the forecast try and park on the golf course.  It is closer to main campus, bookstore and stadium.  It can be a bitch of an exit right after the game.

Eating.  A brat and soda on the Quad to benefit some student organization is a must.  If you need something more, try Reckers which is behind the south dining hall.  I avoid the Student Center because of crowds, but you might just want to walk through to it check out.  Lot of fast food choices.

Bookstore.  A must experience with crowds of people.  Go early or after the game.  If you parked at the golf course then it is easy to ditch the loot.  They do a great job getting you through checkout.  Clerks are very helpful.

Things you MUST DO.

Visit the Grotto.  Light a candle; say some prayers for those that you have lost.  I’ll take a prayer too if you don’t mind.

Get your pictures taken with the dome, library, grotto, stadium in the background. 

Take the walk down the tunnel.  This is something that has only been allowed for the last few years.

Tour the Gug and Loftis Center.  An open secret is go by the Gug Friday afternoon as the players are arriving for meetings and catching the bus to the hotel.  Great photo op.

Player walk, from the Gug to stadium game day.  Get right up by the sidewalk.  Last year my wife high-fived Manti Teo.  Another great photo op.  See below on the Blog of some pictures.

Tour the Admin. Building.  (At one time, this was the entire campus.  Classrooms, dorms, instructor offices)

Other neat things.

Pregame band concert in front of the architecture building.  The band will play abbreviated versions of their half-time performance.  After that, they march to the stadium and the crowd follows them.  (Now I have not done this for a number of years and it may have changed somewhat).

Walk through the Basilica.  Check out the relics.  I suspect for non-Catholics seeing them is a “what the heck are those experience?”

Check out the log cabin where Father Sorin first lived.

Walk around the two lakes.

Take the elevator up to the observation deck of the library.  You may run into Father Hesburgh he has an office up there.

Check out all the statues around campus and stadium.

During the game the students stand.  Half-time they sit.  During the game something is always going on with/in the student section and/or the cheerleaders below them.  Keep your eyes on the section.  My favorite seats are in the North end zone between the student section and the band.

For god’s sake cheer, yell, and scream.  If you don’t walk out of the stadium horse after the game, you didn’t experience ND football.

Immediately after the game, the team will gather in front of the student section and sing the alma mater.  IF ND wins the Irish Guard does a special victory dance/clog.  Anyway, you might as well stay as traffic is initially horrific.  Then it settles down.  The campus cops and local police have it down to a science clearing the campus out.

After the game there is a Mass in the Basilica.  You can hit the bookstore.  Go back to your vehicle and drown your sorrows or toast to victory.  The stadium holds 80,000+ however another 10,000-20,000 tailgate, enjoy the experience, hang out on campus or watch the game on the screens in the JACC.

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